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Obviously, when you have set out to start creating your online network marketing sales funnel you have done considerable research into your competition and target market, you've developed some highly targeted products and you've set up a process for your prospects to move through.

However, we all know that your target market, competition and business in general never remain the same. There are always forces that act upon them that will change what they are looking for or how they operate. You can checkout Finest Clickfunnels Reviews at

It is for this reason that you have a duty to YOUR network marketing business and in particular to your sales funnel to evolve and move with your target market but stay ahead of your competition.

To stay ahead you want a sales to funnel that ultimately converts much better than your competition, and the means to do this really is test what you're doing, down to the second information of one's squeeze pages, earnings pages and website generally. That's exactly the mindset you need to take into your internet network marketing.

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So essentially what Google Website Optimizer allows you to accomplish is conduct various versions of your different website pages, and every and every time it's going to randomly substitute different variants of that page. What I recommend is accepting you variable of the website, e.g. the name (it might possibly be the content of this name or it may possibly be the color of the title) and then test your current title with a couple of alternatives.

From that point, you wait patiently until each page has been visited 400 times (why 400? Superior question. But someone has ever tested the amount of website traffic you will need to make an informed decision about what's better and 400 come up as the important number).

In addition to Google Website Optimizer you should then be testing conversions with Google Analytics, therefore you will be able to differentiate how many opt-ins came from the different versions of your website.

In essence, all you are doing is taking one element within your sales page or squeeze page and trying to improve it by testing different versions against each other. Very few people do it and hence why so many people have in effective online network marketing sales funnels.


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