Chemotherapy Treatment And The Dignicap

Investigators are restricting a DigniCaptrial to patients facing chemotherapy-induced baldness during their treatment for early-stage breast cancer. Even though the concept might be fresh in the U.S. it has been analyzed extensively in Europe.

Published research from the journal Supportive Care in Cancer 2003 depicts the initial stages of DigniCap research studies. Of 74 patients analyzed with varying types of cancer, just two had chosen to quit using the cap due to distress while total avoidance of baldness was detected in anthracycline treated patients.

Additionally, the hair loss in patients being treated with docetaxel treated was minimal to none. Researchers also found no metastases from the scalp were present 15 months following treatment, relieving some issues. If hair loss is because of the taxotere drugs then you have to consult experienced taxotere lawyers.

The analysis found the 55% of patients had no hair loss and 26% had minimal reduction with just 6 patients losing nearly all their hair. Since everyone has DHT that is produced by their bodies and only some people suffer from hair loss there has to be another factor involved.

With extreme instances of individuals deciding to delay therapy or use less effective methods when hair loss is imminent, addressing the problem of chemotherapy-induced hair loss isn't merely a crucial need.

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