Comparison of Carbon Filters and HEPA Filters

You may be looking for a way to compare carbon filters and HEPA filters, but the thing is, you can’t really compare them. There are a lot of “vs” posts about, but carbon filters and HEPA filters are completely different from each other. It’s like comparing night and day. You can do it, but both have their advantages and disadvantages.

One thing can do something better than the other. You may be asking, what’s the difference? It all depends on what you need your air purifier to do. The difference between these two things is solids and gasses. HEPA filters take in solids like pet dander and dust. Carbon filters take in gasses like odor and smoke.

Some air purifiers come with both of these filters built into one unit. This is an excellent practice, even though it might be a bit pricier than getting them by themselves. With a carbon filter and a HEPA filter, you can take in both solid particles and gas particles.

That means that one air purifier can take in dust and other allergens as well as odors like curry and tobacco or weed smoke. Combining them both is one of the best things you can do, but if you need one or the other, you will be fine getting either of them.

Safely Using an Ozone Generator in the Home

The home is where the heart is. That’s a common phrase you’ll hear from people who keep their things in order. It makes sense, considering that’s where you put all your things and live comfortably by yourself or with your family. Unfortunately, accidents do happen when it comes to these establishments.

Not everything can be kept clean all the time and the result of this might be some pretty funky smells. Odors like dirty clothes, worn furniture, and every person will cause more odors to stain your things. This is because the bacteria grows in areas most opportune for them and will lead to smells becoming apparent in the home.

Damage Control 911 of Orlando has a lot of information on how to remove these odors. One of the solutions is an ozone generator. While ozone is dangerous to humans, it is also one of the best solutions to remove these odor-causing bacteria. It will kill all of them and remove the odors if it is run for long enough.

This can be upward to six hours per room or 30 hours for an entire house. Remember, these ozone gasses will do harm to your respiratory system if you breathe it in. Never run it in an occupied space, even if you have pets or plants in the room. Remove everything that is living from the room when running these machines.