Does the Diamond Certificate Confuse You?

Many people look at a diamond certificate and have very little idea what the figures and percentages represent. 

We are aware you are putting much money into a huge day in your life, and you need it to be worthwhile. You can find a full explanation by Argyle diamonds Sydney.

Let us explain, go by the simple rule for beginners called the 4 c's.






This is the determining factor of sparkle. The better the cut grade, the better the twinkle that gets noticed.  Passion8 diamonds are ranked in the top 1% so if available then be sure to inquire.


Don't go by the body colour of the diamond. Colour gradients in the diamond industry start at D and continue down to Z.  

Aim for one of the top three grades which are D – E – F.  If the diamond is graded lower than G  a yellowness will show through.


When talking about transparency the industry is referencing this using a 10 x microscope for you the judgement is with the naked eye.  Your benchmark is to aim for eye clarity.  A professional stockist will supply you with a lens to look for Clean SI clarity. 

Carat Weight

In the industry, this carries the stigma with the ladies as does gold that it's all about the carats, but in the diamond industry, it can be easily misleading whereby it comes at the expense of the quality of the stone. 

There is as much of not more intrinsic value to a smaller perfectly cut diamond than one that merely weighs more and looks bigger.  

That's the 4 C's dealt with now we focus on the percentages.  Before you go any further a cut specialist should be involved, far too many diamonds are being graded as triple excellent but being priced as much as 25% differently according to the same grade. 

As a rule of thumb look for something in the region of 55-60% table percentage, this increases dispersion within the stone. There are many factors to consider, and there's no need to rush, make the right choice.