Enjoy a taste of paradise with your loved one


If there is heaven on earth, it is with first loved ones and then there are places that make these memories even better. Why do we take trips to certain places with loved ones? The simple reason is that we get tired and bored of staying in the same place and want to go somewhere that makes us feel special and is like a breather for us. Places like the beautiful mountains are one of the first places that we want to visit and enjoy with our loved ones.

Book a resort/villa in the mountains

It is important to plan your accommodation well is that you have a comfortable stay and enjoy all through out. People who do not sort their accommodation often have a bad experienced and they end up not enjoying the trip. Hence, there are many villas and resorts available at good prices and people must also make advance bookings in order to save up on the money and yet have the best experience in the mountains.

Book online and get the best offers

Online booking has definitely made our lives easier and we can simply read up and view all pictures of the resorts and villas available. The payments and reservations can also be done online with ease and there is nothing that can cause a hindrance. Also, there is a trust factor as the hotels give genuine pictures and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Lakes in Australia to Visit for Couples


Australia’s lakes look beautiful, especially when the sun shines on the white sand. Couples who love nature will be truly left mesmerized when they visit Australia’s few amazing lakes. These are few popular lakes couples should consider visiting during their time in Australia.

1. Dove lake – Located near the Cradle Mountain, the Dove Lake has some of the best scenic beauty to offer. The Dove Lake attracts large number of tourists every year. You’ll also get to witness a few species like tiger snakes, pad melons, and wombats.

2. Blue Lake – Probably the only lake in South Australia that changes its color is the Blue Lake. The unique feature of Blue Lake is that during the summers it appears to be blue and during the winters it appears grey. Located on Mount Gambier, this lake is the perfect place to explore Adam Lindsay Gordon’s monument (Famous poet).

3. Lake Alexandrina –The Lake is named after the famous Princess Alexandrina. The lake holds a great geographical importance where the Murray River is involved with it, which is why, the water remains fresh all the time. You can roam and admire the beauty of the lake and witness butterflies, turtles and lizards.

4. Lake Eacham – This Lake is one of the main lakes in Australia. This lake is quite popular among locals and provides activities like paddle boating, bird and bush watching and swimming. You can also spot a few rainbow fish on this lake.

Along with these fascinating lakes, Australia also has other luxury honeymoon destinations for couples.