An Overview on Waxing

Waxing is a fast and long-lasting method to form eyebrows. This procedure is perfect if your customer has thick fast-growing hairs. As regrowth takes a few weeks and hair will end up thinner and lighter.

If your customer has sensitive skin because the waxing therapy can make it redden, Always ask if a customer is taking any medicine, which may impact the waxing procedure.

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The eyebrow hairs have to be long enough to allow the wax to pick them up, therefore around two to three weeks when your customer would like to keep up their eyebrow contour, or at least four weeks between treatments if they need a comprehensive eyebrow to reshape.

Spend some time working out what is best for your customer and the kind of look they would enjoy. Utilize a cleaner to remove cosmetics, oils, and some other germs. You might even apply petroleum jelly into the eyebrow hairs which don't require waxing, to shield them.

  • Use the wax into the hairs which require removing beneath the eyebrow and at the direction of hair growth.
  • Use a smaller spatula for eyebrow waxing and use a fresh one every time, never dip into the wax.
  • Use the wax below the forehead but not up to the eyebrow line — you can utilize tweezers for it.