Science Based Detox Basic Facts And Information

Those who do not wish to jump on the latest fad diet craze, but want to find a program with proven and lasting results will be pleased to learn of the Science Based Ketox by Thomas DeLauer. This program is unique in that it combines two proven concepts utilized to lose weight, decrease inflammation and ultimately assist in detoxification of the body. These three factors alone can offer numerous health benefits.

What is the program?

Science Based Ketox is a course that teaches dieters how and what to eat to accomplish the goals mentioned above. It consists of a series of videos that explains the specific science and concepts in detail. The program also includes meal plans designed to make smarter eating a simpler process. Buyers will also enjoy the free products that accompany their purchase. An exercise course, access to a private Facebook group, keto-friendly coffee and a product called Green Detox is included at no additional cost. Shipping may still be completely free.

Is the program safe?

Not only is Science Based Ketox safe, but it may have the approval of the medical community, including nutritionists and physicians. This is not a program that pumps potentially dangerous chemicals through the body or that requires unhealthy eating practices. This is a scientifically proven and safe way to reach and maintain personal health and weight loss goals. However, as with beginning any type of health or fitness program it is important to first consult with a physician or primary care provider.